Saturday, November 28, 2015
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If you go to the Canary Islands you will here and see the word ‘guaguas’ a lot. In the Canarian dialect ‘guaguas’ just means buses. The origin of the word guaguas is not 100% sure. Probably it’s a deterioration of the English word ‘wagon’. The Canary Islands used to be (and still are!) the favorite place for a lot of important English people. Nowadays ‘guaguas’ is a normal word in Gran Canaria. You even have a television program called ‘la guagua’, and you see the word ‘guaguas’ at every bus stop.

The comfortable guaguas of Gran Canaria Bus

Gran Canaria Bus has the most comfortable guaguas of the archipelago. Our main clients are tourists. We transport them to the airport, the hotels in the south of the island, to the capital Las Palmas and many more places. Apart from tourists, our guaguas transport school kids, disabled people, bachelor parties, and many all other types groups. Do you have any question about our guaguas? Do you want to know more about our challenging price rates?

Please call us; you will be surprised about our low prices and excellent service!”


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